Flame From Water

Its not really flame... water is atomized using patented ultrasonic technology, turning drops of water into vapor. That vapor is lit from the bottom using super cool, LED lights-- creating the illusion of smoke and flame that you need to see to believe. Cool to the touch, you literally can put your hand in the 'flame'. Click on the video to the left to watch it 'burn'.

Easy To Install Anywhere

Since we don't burn gas to create flame, there is no need for complicated and expensive venting. In most commercial applications, venting is a significant obstacle to installing a gas fireplace. We solve that issue by not using gas, and using vapor instead, allowing you significantly greater flexibility both where you place your fireplace and how large you make it.

Powered By Dimplex

Dimplex is known world wide for their cutting edge technologies and hyper-realistic, gas-free fireplaces. We've taken the patented Dimplex vapor flame and supercharged it, providing an even more realistic effect.