Did You Know...

Since we don't waste gas to create our flame, our vapor fireplaces are significantly better for the environment. Gas fireplaces are now required to have glass that is cool to the touch. Many gas fireplace manufacturers utilize power venting and double pane glass to achieve this. With cool to the touch glass, no radiant heat from the fireplace will come into your room. All commercial fireplaces, and most residential fireplaces don't capture this heat, and when they don't, all of the heat generated from combustion is sent up the chimney, this is exceptionally wasteful.

Below we compare the usage of a 70 inch fireplace against a similarly sized vapor fireplace.

Average 70" Gas Fireplace

BTUs Wasted Per Year: 250,560,000
BTUs Wasted Per Day: 696,000
BTUs Wasted Per Hour: 87,000
KWH Per Year: 7,949

Estimated usage in a commercial setting is 8 hours a day, 360 days a year.

70" Bespoke Vapor Fireplace

BTUs Wasted Per Year: 0
BTUs Wasted Per Day: 0
BTUs Wasted Per Hour: 0
KWH Per Year: 5,530

Estimated usage in a commercial setting is 8 hours a day, 360 days a year.

When we researched gas alternatives, we expected to find that gas fireplaces were wasting a lot of BTUs in the process of combustion given that one of the leading gas competitors burns 125,000 BTUs per hour and the average is 87,000 BTUs per hour. But we were surprised to learn that our vapor fireplaces even use less electricity. If you're searching for a way to achieve LEED certification on your building, a good place to start is your fireplace.

If you are looking to specify green products, we are proud to be featured in CAD Details' Spec Green Section.

See a direct comparison against commonly specified gas fireplaces: